Less Wonky

The Thing

A school for people and of place.

Do work that calls to your soul, give what you can, and be who you should be.

The pitch is that you join us.

The Dream

In the dream, school pays you to join in, serves the neighborhood as it serves you, and puts beauty at the center of things.

Some Poetry

You do not have to be good.

You do not have to walk through the desert for a hundred miles on your knees repenting.

You only have to let the soft animal of your body

love what it loves.

--Mary Oliver

The Summer Invite: July 1-31

An urban retreat for ex-corporates and creatives.

Work on yourself or a project in the orbit of others doing the same.  Amsterdam is our classroom.

Pay what you can.

Bread, Coffee, Beer: July 9-23

A good cup of coffee served by an owner who knows your name is one sign of a decent world.  Or so we believe.  

Can we ever have enough locally owned bakeries? Coffee shops? Cafes serving a beer brewed near by? Can any neighborhood really be vital without at least one of these?

Lets scale that--the local, the personal, the store front that serves the spirit of the street--with two weeks of sharing and learning for those who make and serve the essentials of the day: Bakers, Baristas and Brewers.  

It will cost 70,000 Euros to do it right and we appeal to independent Bread, Coffee, and Beer around the world so that we can bring thirteen bread-coffee-beer types to Amsterdam to make this real.  

Thanks and read more by clicking the button below.  

A Thought

If the best thing we do is look after each other, then the worst thing we do is pretend to look after each other when in fact we are doing something else.

--Adam Phillips

Classes To Show Up To

• Kindergarten for Adults

• Tuesday Class

• Walk and Walk

• Sunday Class

• A Class in Money

• A Class in The New Church

Kindergarten for Adults

Kindergarten for Adults

May 14, May 28

Be who you were before you became who you are

Tuesday Class

Tuesday Class

Make your museum
Walk & Walk

Walk & Walk

Or, If you prefer, walk & talk
Sunday Class

Sunday Class

Sermons on the flat
We Are Not Machines

We Are Not Machines

A Class With Charles Davies
The New Church

The New Church

A Class With Liz Slade

Classes To Commit To

• The Hamlet Support Group

• Morning Mojo

• Poetry for Entrepreneurs

The Hamlet Support Group

The Hamlet Support Group

Who's There?

Morning Mojo

Morning Mojo

Every Other Friday
Poetry For Entrepreneurs

Poetry For Entrepreneurs

Get up early, do something you hate

Titles Twoards Reality

  • A Kind of Manifesto
  • Faculty at Large/Souls of Note
  • As Basic As Binary
  • The Second Wheel of Everything

are (forthcoming) posts, notes, stories and pitches to clarify what Molly is, is not and who it best serves given the realities of the desire to be good, the facts of pretend, and our goal to generate a billion dollars worth of practical, anonymous, power.