Less Wonky

The Goal

Do work that calls to your soul, give what you can, be who you should be.

The Dream

In the dream, school pays you, serves the neighborhood, and puts beauty at the center of things.

You do not have to be good.

You do not have to walk through the desert for a hundred miles on your knees repenting.

You only have to let the soft animal of your body

love what it loves.

--Mary Oliver


July 1-31

Summer Invite

An urban retreat.

Work on a project in the orbit of others doing the same.  Amsterdam as classroom.

Payment what you can. Pay for someone else to come.

July 9-23

Bakers, Baristas, Brewers

A good cup of coffee served by an owner who knows your name is one sign of a decent world.  Or so we believe.  

Can we ever have enough locally owned bakeries? Coffee shops? Cafes serving a beer brewed near by? Can any neighborhood really be vital without at least one of these?

Lets scale that--the local, the personal, the store front that serves the spirit of the street--with two weeks of sharing and learning for those who make and serve the essentials of the day: Bakers, Baristas and Brewers.  

It will cost 70,000 Euros to do it right and we appeal to independent Bread, Coffee, and Beer around the world so that we can bring thirteen bread-coffee-beer types to Amsterdam to make this real.  

Thanks and read more by clicking the button below.  

Nothing here
If the best thing we do is look after each other, then the worst thing we do is pretend to look after each other when in fact we are doing something else.

--Adam Phillips


July 9-23

Bakers, Baristas, Brewers

  • The Hamlet Support Group    
  • Tuesday Class
  • Sunday  Meeting
  • Teach as you/Lead as you
July 9-23

Bakers, Baristas, Brewers

  • Kindergarten for Adults
  • Morning Mojo
  • A Class in Money
  • A Class in The New Church
  • The Class You Offer
Nothing here
If the best thing we do is look after each other, then the worst thing we do is pretend to look after each other when in fact we are doing something else.

--Adam Phillips


The nature of how we as a species coalesce could be better. That's one argument.

The world could use a money flush. That's another.

The school of you is the future, so long as it does not matter too much who "you" are.

What is it? People naturally ask of Molly School.

It is hard to talk about Molly as a thing, since Molly was a person, as are you.

There is a lesson in this.

Molly School: School Schedule:

Sunday. Work

Rest of week: Free to do your work,

Wednesday: School is closed.


Molly School Financials: Follow the money. It goes to some person.


About all of this, and as a form of pitch to get you to join us, there is more to say.

Clearly the trick in life is to die young as late as possible

--William Sloane Coffin

Be careful, very careful about organizations . . . Organizations kill work.
--Vanda Scaravelli

What's the good of an economy without the people in it?

--The West Wing

An Ongoing Manifesto

Notes on School, Money, and Mr. Internet


School should serve the workings of its geographic locale as much as the chronological future of its students.


"Our history will be what we make it,” as Mr. Murrow said. Getting the planet right, making a better history, this will require choosing the right tools.

We have the tools we need already.


Schools are tools. The internet is a tool. Money is water.


Faculty At Large/Souls Of Note

Who we are, and are not, in the form of a letter to an angry mom

Dear Mom,

You are miffed.  Your daughter is in the process of raising 5000 bucks just to work for us for a month.

What the? Should not we, the school, pay her?  Especially one that says, "our dream is to pay you . . . ?"

Well, our top rate is 1000 an hour and we certainly agree her work is worth that.

Wouldn't that be cool?  If she could make her living in a month or two, working an hour a day? Who might she become?  What might she revel in?  Who might she help with all that time? 

The truth is we want your daughter to be Molly Teacher #7, though we admit that is at least a few years away. 


Before moving forward, let's establish a first common belief: Your daughter is awesome and spectacular, delightful to others and more precious than the sun.

What could be sadder than the above not being true of you or of any mom and any daughter?  Only one thing: losing the daughter who is your sun. 

The Second Wheel of Everything

Last Day At The Big Button Cafe
Imagine today is is the last day in history.  Or something like that.  Not the last day in terms of fire and brimstone and discovering you’ve been sorted into some eternity with Ted Cruz, Kellyanne Conway, Anne Coulter and instant coffee on one side,  Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, John Stewart, and Jason Bourne and fresh bread on the other, but the last day of choosing which tools the world uses.  You get to look across the full buffet of every tool our species has come up with and push the button associated with that tool such that it will get used for the rest of forever.  Which tools do you pick?  Which buttons do you push?  
Dial it up the way it should be.  Spin the wheels of everything. 
Beginning with some thoughts about the word cool itself, there's more on this ,here, but as you may have inferred, you have to be willing to tolerate a mixing of metaphors.  
(If you just want to suggest nominees for the three coolest people in the world, go here.)

A Kind Of Pitch

Given the inevitable desire to be good, the facts of pretend, and our goal to generate a billion dollars worth of practical, anonymous, power, words directed at clarification and getting you to join in begin here--

With a first thought about the difference between a thing, like Molly School, and a person, like Molly, or like you.