BCB: Bread, Coffee, Beer

A good cup of coffee served by an owner who knows your name is one sign of a decent world.  Or so we believe.  

Can we ever have enough locally owned bakeries? Coffee shops? Cafes serving a beer brewed near by? Can any neighborhood really be vital without at least one of these?

Lets scale that--the local, the personal, the store front that serves the spirit of the street--with two weeks of sharing and learning for those who make and serve the essentials of the day: Bakers, Baristas and Brewers.  

It will cost 70,000 Euros to do it right and we appeal to independent Bread, Coffee, and Beer around the world so that we can bring thirteen bread-coffee-beer types to Amsterdam to make this real.  

Thirteen bakers, baristas, and brewers come to Amsterdam for two weeks.  That's our goal.

Everyday we will do a bread thing a coffee thing and a beer thing, trade knowledge, share appreciation, and talk craft.

We will do business stuff too.  How do you get people in the door?  How do you serve the locals well?  How do you develop passive income?  What's the difference between being just a vendor and a member of the community?

But "we" here means all of us who believe in the local, who know that wherever an independent operator closes up a chain has a better chance of moving in.

The BCB crew in Amsterdam will open its doors, offer what we've got in terms of knowledge, experience, and places to make bread, serve coffee, and talk beer.

But as this is the first time we are doing this we promise nothing beyond our best efforts.   Across the divide of the internet we are shaking your hand, trusting you will enjoy time in our space, and staying right here if you ever want to complain.

And yes, we are intent on raising 70,000 Euros for this.

Because the goal is to pay transportation, housing, and food for the participants.  Why?  Because while we expect these two weeks to be valuable, no one should go into big debt for whatever they might learn here.  In fact, we think it is essential that everyone go home with a little money to invest, in their store, in some other place, in a course they need to make the next move.  Up to them.

But these participants are seeds or future mentors or potential nodes.  And while 5000 is a lot for any one of us, it is not so much for all of us together and, we hope, it will be a kind of gift we can all enjoy.

We will pay 5000 to Sam, a young barista type who will do the organizing and running around over the next few months and pay a few hundred to each local establishment we crash and use as classroom too.  But every BCB-er will have at least 1000 to take home and if we end up with extra cash the twelve can decide what to do with it: Split it among themselves? Give to their favorite local place?  Give to Sam? A charity?  Their choosing will be part of their learning as individuals and as part of a network of purveyors who work locally but can have impact globally.

Obviously we do not define success the same way Nabisco or Starbucks or Heineken does.  Owning the world is not as important as being known on the street.  A street that we serve and supports us is success with significance. (This said, if big bread, big coffee or big beer want to cough up the 70,000, we won't object.)

Maybe the ideal participant owns a place already or is your #2 there.  Maybe it is a good kid in your neighborhood who needs to know more about how real work gets done.  Maybe its someone looking to leave the office and join the street.

Feel free to shoot us an email if you have a thought or question.



Interested? Let us know?