A Note On A Billion Dollars

Remember when Justin Timberlake tells Mark Zuckerberg what cool is in The Social Network?  The film that charts Zuck’s climb from Harvard-ite to guy whose world-wide platform still does not offer him any assurance people like him  When he and his then partner express the dream of someday making a million dollars, Timberlake, playing Sean Parker, says that a million dollars is not cool.   “You know what’s cool?” He says, “A billion dollars.”

This is incorrect.

First of all, start with the word cool.  This word enjoys both umph and staying power.   Words decay, as you know, lose meaning, get co-opted or fall out of use entirely.  But cool has been around for 80 years and stood up pretty well, understood still to mean good, hip, youthful, something you want to share or promote.  And it is understood around the world.

Think of another words that strong?  Love? God?  Will your great grandchildren label anything “lit?”

Of course the Facebook kids and Parker/Timberlake dude think a billion dollars cool if they alone have it.

To see how wrong this idea, look to another phrase: “make it rain.”

I’ll make the sky produce money for me with my APP, the one I’ll sell to Google for a billion dollars. Cool?

Nope, not if you follow the image.  A billion dollars falling on my garden only?  What?  Soon I drown while my neighbors live in the desert, an image not far from how Silicon Valley or Wall Street look today, their “ungroundedness” as real as if they were actually living in a sea of money while others go crazy with thirst, walking across Europe, electing Mr. Trump.

(Check the recent Mad Max Fury Road for how sick one party holding on to all the water makes everyone.)

No, a billion dollars is not cool.  It is nature.  It is god.  It’s love.  With that much money/water you ought to be able to bring some flowers to bloom around you. Lot’s of flowers actually.

Thus, let’s find a system that flushes money well, or at least one that flushes it better than what we’ve got now.  No more trickle down.  Let the system moisten the land. Earth becomes loam, society becomes fertile, and we shoot for the virtuous cycle nature shows us everyday.  In other words, let’s make it rain.