A Note On Better Global Behavior

In the future, much of the stuff you need–shirts, tables, shoes, cars–will be manufactured by robot.  Frightening.  Also awesome, as the work that calls to your soul will be increasingly the only work available.  Let’s build on that.

(Also, please put your damn phone away when people are around.)

The shoes you make because you love the craft, the art you make because you love the battle, the song you sing because the guitar is a bottomless well of learning and inspiration–we need an economy that serves these endeavors (almost) regardless of your ability.  One suggestion: price handmade items by how many jobs/stipends they provide.  A Basquiat painting sold last year for a hundred and ten million.  Why is that money not available earlier, to employ people who make and give? After all, we decide, in essence, what something is worth.

(Also, Zuckerberg and Buffet and that crew say they will give away 50% of what they have.  But, er, uhm, isn’t a 50% an F?  Why not 90%? Or do they fear that won’t leave them enough?)

A teacher who could earn 1000 a day (the most anyone should ever earn doing anything) giving away 10,000 each day could work as a kind of James Bond, able to go to into a community offering stipends of 500 or 1000 to people whose homework would help them foster what calls to their soul as well as help the neighborhood by supporting small business.

(Also, why not just put women in charge for a while.  Just to see what happens.  How much worse could it be? Or poor people?)

Think of the above as a system of guided micro-loans.  A pyramid scheme of giving since, obviously, the money these teachers invest would need to come from somewhere.  Well, ideally, their work would help seed the mountains that rain on the clouds that send the water into the valley.   And dry spells are survivable if that’s the model.

(Also, what if we gathered on line and set 100 year plan for a better world?  Would it descend into the worst kind of troll-ism ever?  Almost certainly.  So let’s stay anonymous to each other so far as giving is concerned–let our icons and avatars seed the clouds and be the mountains–so as to promote the idea the river is for all, made real by all.