A Note On Two Wheels Of Everything

Admittedly, the clever of you will ask why anyone would need more than one wheel of everything, like why one wheel doesn’t give you all the dialing up power you need.  Well, a second wheel acknowledges, in some sense, that A) such a wheel does not actually exist and B) that whatever you dial up on wheel one will need refinement and certain calibration.

In the past the power of oil and television and such looked like wheels of everything. But they just turned out to be wheels of power, turned sometimes towards good things and, too often, towards bombs and shopping malls and what Paul SImon nails as “too many people on the bus to the airport, too many holes in the crust of the earth.”

The internet, if not an actual everything wheel, at least gives a more accurate image of the idea.   If you can search for exactly what you want (and remove from the search what you do not want) and reach pretty much the whole world at the same time, why not dial up the school that best serves, one of influence and joy that dials out all but the most essential worries and measurements.

For us this means, in particular, a world in which the spigot of resources is available to you so long as you do not leave the tap running forever, do not poison the well and do what you can when you can to be a kind of mountain or a soft guard to the open tribe, that is, either sending some water down hill or only sending people to the spigot who will behave well.

And, for us, this means something about anonymity.  In the world you have to prove you belong with a resume and passport.  That is sometimes a protector against hiring poorly or admitting a jerk into your county, but it is also the flip side of insisting you only have value based on what you have done and some nation state-stamp.

We’d like to think of anyone whose willing as potentially of great value, anyone with eyes or blood as human enough.  We’d like it to be such that if you tell us so and so needs to get to the spigot, then they can go to the spigot, even if we do not know who you are.

This is our method for doing that, our shot at building a school via wheels of everything.