Education is the silver bullet. Education is everything. We don’t need little changes, we need gigantic, monumental changes. Schools should be palaces. The competition for the best teachers should be fierce. They should be making six-figure salaries. Schools should be incredibly expensive for government and absolutely free of charge to its citizens, just like national defense. That’s my position. I just haven’t figured out how to do it yet.

–Sam Seaborn


Cinema’s mom is angry at us. And from most sensible points of view she’s right to be.  She thinks we are neglecting Cinema’s value and by the fairly sensible view of how the world works, she’s absolutely right.  Instead of paying Cinema we are asking her to pay us.  (actually, she volunteered.) By doing this we think, maybe, we are experimenting with making her more valuable, or valuable in a different way, or valuable in a fashion that depends on seeing value not as “mine” (in this case Cinema’s) but as “ours,” in this case Molly’s.

We’ve had faculty at large before Cinema, of course. Sharona told us about how Amsterdam government worked, Arjen walked us through the dunes and talked character, Charlie worked his magic with us, so did Peppa and Alison and Shelby and many others. Some for pay, most as a favor or because they are the kind of people who lead with yes.”

Of course it would be better to pay each of them 1000 euros a day for their service. Of course that would be better. Just as it would be batter to pay students to come to school. The questions is not the desire, the question is the resource. The resource and the mindset.

If you are thirsty then water should be made available to you. If you live near a river then maybe you can make water available to others. Money is water.

Cinema’s mom naturally does not understand why Cinema is raising money to work for Molly. What the? Obviously Molly, as a school, should be paying her. She has so much knowledge, offers such good spirit to all she meets, is so damn valuable how can we not be paying her? On this view, again, mom is correct.

But we are not thinking open market. We are thinking river and mountains.

In the open market a “school” like Molly–a business–gathers as much money as it can by selling its product and considering its expenses. Can we get 100 students to sign up at ten bucks a person? Great, that gives us 1000 to spend on rent and supplies and paying faculty like Cinema. Everything is exact and spreadsheet-able. Because we got 100 students and not ten thousand, because we charged ten bucks instead of, say, a million, we can afford to do some things and not others.

But of course, for many of the people attending–however worthy, however brilliant, however

But in this system students, who might benefit have to figure out if the investment is worth it and Molly has to decide is Cinema is worth it to us and to those students

Yes, there are benefits to saving for something you care about, to deciding that this year I will work as a waiter to save up in order to take those acting classes I think will make the difference between getting small roles and big. The year of living on the edge shows I care.

Yes, there are times to say, “look, if you want me, you gotta pay for me.” If a yoga school wants Cinema then maybe they should pay the big bucks.

And yes, sometimes Moly wants to be that school.

But all of the

Alison, Carmen, Leo (the younger), Louisa, Siebrand, Louisa, Peter, Arjen, Kirk, Sharona, Olivia, Charlie, Annemiek, Slade, Brenda, Manus, Gabriel, Ana, Mary, Rafe, Erin, Susie, Alan, Katie, Cinema, Gabe, Mo and others.



A soul of note willing to be paid or to pay to join in.


Faculty At Large:

Those who teach by being or by offering something impeccable about themselves, whether or not that is their expertise.

Some teach classes, some take us on errands, others meet us for lunch and a few are makers of the day.

If you have interest in being a Faculty At Large you should:

A) Be in Amsterdam or be willing to be here for a few hours.

B) Have something special you want to offer or something especially worth offering or offer something ordinary with special knowledge, know how or where-have-you’s.

C) Be willing to be paid or not.

D) Give us a shout.