As much as any figure in literature, Hamlet defines character.   In essence, he invented you.  

He fights with his mom.  He struggles with his many dads.  He names action.  He immortalizes rest.

Most famously, he asks "to be or not to be," a question which could be rephrased as, "to be me, or not to be me" or even, "how shall I be me?"

He takes forever to cross off even the first thing on his to do list, and as such is no businessman.  But five hundred years later, his reflections on himself and on the nature of reflection remain the box from which no one can help but think, so you have to admire his market impact and brand longevity. 

He is the most beautiful, frustrating, fascinating person ever written into existence.  He has much to tell us.

The play starts with the question "Who's there?"  We could start there too: Who's there in your business? Who's there in your head? Who's there when it is time to be free of the past and in charge of the future?

The group meets six times to support new ways of thinking about life, work and the drama of being alive. 

We begin March 8th,  19:30-20:45.