Summer Invite 2018

The Summer Invite


Spend a month working on something you care about: your book, your venture, your art, yourself.

Do this in the orbit of others doing the same, do it during July, in Amsterdam.

Beautiful, inspirational, and accessible, the city is our workshop and classroom.

To support progress, we meet over coffee, drinks, walks, bike rides, and so forth.

City dives, field trips, time with helpful people, a chance to show your stuff, and optional offerings fill out the schedule.  The obligations are light, the opportunities abundant.

Ideally you enjoy solo time, can revel in company, and like the idea of looking for lessons in small business, in art, and in your surroundings.

Best if you are between 17 and 78 years old. (We can make exceptions.)

To have the month you want, including transportation, housing, a bike and the rest costs 5000 euros, but we can do it far less and will figure out your expenses and tuition once we chat.

Click one of the Molly School members to the right to hear more about the invite.  Or contact us  above.

We look forward to seeing you in July,


Last summer was tough, I was wrapping up my year in Amsterdam on a soft note. Having fallen in with a lazy crowd after the deaths of my dad and step-mom, my energy was low and this was reflected in my output. Then it happened, that magic expat moment. I walked into my favorite local coffee cafe and there was Ted and a group of some of the most creative, supportive and well behaved global citizens I have come across in a long time. In the company of this new band of merry "makers" --photographers, songwriters, barristas, dj's, mothers, designers-- my craft and drive were elevated almost instantly. I had discoverd Molly School, and they let me read my poems and tell my story and contribute to my community--this whole wide world, in a bigger, freer and smarter way. Most importantly we worked on our own projects with the sense and aim of sharing our gifts on each others behalf, each other being all of us, you too.
Cinema WoodEater of Cake, Keeper of Joy