Educators' Salon / Creators' Workshop

The Hosts


Instructor, Co-collaborator
Hi. I'm Rafe. I'm on the faculty at Dartmouth, teaching, writing, and thinking about the intersections of education, design, engineering, and mindfulness. My goal in the salon is to build courses and lessons that are thrilling, beautiful, and attention-shifting experiences.


Molly, Teacher #17


Intern, Assistant, Horror Movie Enthusiast
A community of educators and creators working on their writings, new courses, lectures or that side hustle which deserves to be the next big thing. On Thursdays we gather online to offer a friendly community, gentle accountability if you want it, and free assistance/feedback from an experienced teaching coach, a paid undergraduate intern, and peers with whom you can engage as you need and want. Work in community, triumph over inertia, and make progress around others doing the same.

What's included?

  • An online space to develop that thing you've been meaning to work on
  • Gentle accountability (if you want)
  • Peer support
  • Feedback from hosts 


Join us for as much or as little of time as serves you

No Cost

Though you are always welcome to make a donation to Molly School
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