Range and Radar

How to look forward if you are in your 20’s
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    Eight Sundays, starting April 25

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    Jake, Jordan, Julie, Rafe and Ted

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    75 Minute Meetings

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Are you Asking . . .

How do I know what's right for me?

Improve your "looking forward" skills even as you add sensitivity to your internal antennae.

How can I upgrade my relationships?

Bolster your toolbox for engaging the world and the people in it?  Bosses, peers and family.  

How can I serve others as I make my career?

Designed for those in their early 20's who want to make the most of what's ahead and also impact the world positively.  
This course provided me with new tools and methods to work through the questions that I have on how to navigate my career path, how to interact with the world around me, and how to make a difference.
Paige M
Tulane 2017
Range & Radar gave me the space to process uncertainty during this impactful, yet trying, time in our country and world.
Jaimie S.
2019 Tulane University
I loved that there were various nudges to move from abstract to practical; from philosophical thought to practical action.
Merishka M.
Mom & Teacher
Range and Radar was an incredibly enriching class, because it had the perfect trifecta -- insightful instructors, thought provoking assignments, and committed classmates.
Shriya S
Princeton 2018

Some of the folks you will meet


R&R Instructor
Jake is also Head of Year One at African Leadership Academy and is devoted to holistic education and issues of global justice.  


R&R Instructor
Ted has worked with thousands of students and coaches people who make a difference in the world.  


Course Design
A course designer, Jordan is now starting her career at Deloitte.  She will help us write our "book of life."


Faculty At Large
Assistant Professor
Design Thinking/Dartmouth School of Engineering, Range and Radar grew out of Rafe's working with students whose career path was diagonal, rather than linear.  


Concept Tester
Julie directs inclusion programs and teaches school.  She doubles checks our exercises.  
Easy as one, two, three

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($20 per week). Please select this option if you feel financially comfortable albeit without much budgetary slack. This helps us cover expenses and we appreciate it.

Market Rate

($40 per week). Please select this option if you are able to pay a market rate for this type of class. By selecting this option, you will help us offer this course to those selecting the first two rates and that would be excellent.
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