Lesson series

Reading For Joy And Wisdom

Three short stories, three poems, three essays and one play.

Two questions:

How should I read?

How should I live?
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What We Will Read:

The Stories

Everything that Rises Must Converge

The Penal Colony

The Student

The Essays

Within The Context of No Context

On Experience 

Against Interpretation

The Poems

Wild Geese

Final Soliloquy of The Interior Paramour

The Room of Life

The Play


About Money

This class costs at least $1.

You will be encouraged to contribute between one other dollars and $10,000 to Ted, Molly, or something else.  

But you will be asked to do this anonymously.

This is, in part, because one answer to the question,"How to live?" is: By giving.  

And because one answer to the questions, How to read is: Against the self.

And because it will be fun.  

Meet the instructor


Patrick Jones - Course author
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