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Teach As You

For New Teachers At Private Schools

Teach As You Offers . . .

Emotional support

Teaching in a private school is tough, especially when you start out.  Know your subject, learn the culture of your school, keep up with your advisees (and their parents), be professional but also yourself and, oh yeah, teach in a fashion you enjoy and can take pride in.  It is easy to get frazzled.  

We debrief so as to help each other make the days less draining, the work as fun and as rewarding as it can and should be. 

Practical tools

What's the best way to ask questions?  How much time should you put into preparation?  How do you create the culture you want in your classroom?  What's going on in the minds of your kids?  What do you do with a student (or class) that causes difficulty.  

As we answer these kinds of questions we will add to the tool box you can use to make your work more effective and less of a guessing game.  

In brief

  • Five online sessions with a small group of peers from around the world and two senior teachers.
  • We meet every other week
  • Two one-on-one sessions with Demeke or Ted.
  • A space outside of school to share and get support.
  • Evidence informed tools and practices you can take into class and your work.
  • A follow up meeting in February

Where We Start Our Discussions:

(But we adjust according to the needs of the group)

Demeke Wondmagegn

Patrick Jones - Course author
Demeke has been Head of the Math Department at African Leadership Academy for seven years.  He is a lover of data and economics and possesses one of the world's great laughs.  From Ethiopia, and a graduate of Colby College, ever since setting up shop In Johannesburg Demeke has taken to collecting degrees, reading all the books no else reads and making himself an expert in cognitive science and distributive practice. 

He is tough to beat at poker and is also in charge or the fellows program which trains young teachers at ALA.


Patrick Jones - Course author
Ted does not understand Demeke's data, but he's trying.  In the past he has chaired English departments.  Now he coaches school leaders, administrators and teachers and people who visit him in Amsterdam.  

He's usually drinking coffee or, you know, getting ready to drink coffee.     
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